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How can we save restaurant and cafe owners and workers?

I miss dining out.

I dined out every second day before this lock down - my weekly bowl of pho at Pho Thin, a good mix of everything at Dragon Hot Pot, sushi train at Sakura Kaiten Sushi, slurping ramen at Hakata Gensuke...

I'm still glad that I made that decision to dine at Movida Aqui the day before Premier Dan Andrews announced a lock down in Victoria. That was at least a month ago since I last enjoyed a decent dinner, served by friendly waitresses, and enjoyed the atmosphere that I can never re-create at home. Little did I know at that time that, such dine-out would become not only luxurious, but impossible.

I am saddened to see empty cafes and restaurants, only metres away from a crowded Woolworths supermarket. It's business as usual for supermarkets and Ikea, but business unusual for cafes and restaurants.

I cannot imagine how stressful restaurant and cafe owners and workers are, being seriously impacted by the lock down and this pandemic. Waiters and chefs got laid off. Owners shutting down businesses.

482 visa holders/chefs got laid off and left stranded with no support from the government and nowhere to go to.

How can we help them?

If you are lucky enough to have a paid job or your income remains unaffected, go to a nearby restaurant to get takeaway. Get a cup of coffee from different cafes around your areas. Order deliveries - although I am unsure how much profit restaurant owners have to sacrifice by collaborating with those deliveries apps.

Or save up some money now and dine out every second day like I did after this lock down.

Help restaurants and cafes so they can come back stronger.

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