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It is a last resort

Have you spoken with a relationship councillor? Have you read Alain de Botton's "The Course of Love"? Or Esther Perel's "The State of Affairs"?

Whether your marriage no longer sparks joy in you, or your other half had an affair - if you react with emotions, there may be chances for reconciliation.

We don't want to be your divorce lawyer. We are your happiness lawyer. We want to make sure that your divorce brings you long term happiness and nothing else.  


It is not recommended

If you are thinking about signing a pre-nup, or your parents coerced you to do so. Think twice. 

A union of two human beings who deeply love each other is rare. You and your other half are in a partnership together, to build wealth, family and a long-lasting, sustainable happy life. The prospect is unlimited. A pre-nup will only limit your trust and confidence in each other. 

You don't need a pre-nup. You need to trust and be trusted.


It's about your kids' happiness

Are you sure you want 100% custody? Or none at all? Are you sure you want to avoid child support? Why do you want to prevent the father from seeing his children?

Ask your children if they are happy.

And ask yourself what can you do to make your children happy.



You have contributed. He has too.

So you don't want your ex- other half to keep any asset because your contribution is 100% and his was 0%?

Are you sure? 

Think again when you are able to calm down and look at the facts and figures, and not mistakes and faults. 

Chances are, he too has contributed to the relationship and family. He too has cleaned some corners that you have neglected. He too bathed the children but you weren't there to witness. 


Financial Agreement

I guess it is inevitable

Well the bank needs it. Or the State Revenue Office needs proof to get stamp duty exemption. It is inevitable. We can certainly do that.

But if you want us to fight for something that is beyond reasonableness, maybe we are not a suitable lawyer for you.

But if your ex- other half is the unreasonable one, we will defend your position and empower you to move on from your toxic relationship. 

We don't want you to spend money on lawyers. We want you to spend money on rebuilding your life and finding long-term happiness.

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