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For other lawyers

Your contracting and interim lawyer

Whether you are an in-house counsel or partner of a law firm, there will be times that a temporary lawyer is needed. 

This interim lawyer should meet the following requirements:

  • Experienced in law and able to hit the ground running (so you don't have to spend too much time mentoring her).

  • Holds a valid practising certificate (so you don't have to apply for a certificate for her).

  • Able to contract with you without any restraint from other firms or constraint (so that your locum and devote the time and commitment agreed upon).

  • Isn't hoping for any employment with you (so you are free from employer's obligations).

  • Cheaper than engaging another law firm or barrister.

As a self-employed solicitor with 7 years practising experience:

  • I have been an autonomous principal solicitor for 4 years.

  • I am experienced in a wide range of practice areas.

  • I hold a principal practising certificate and have my own LPLC insurance cover.

  • I am not looking for exclusive employment, or permanent position with any company or firm.

  • My costs are calculated based on fractions of what you will be receiving from your client (for law firms), or based on agreed hourly rate/fixed costs (for in-house).

My profile sets out my practice areas, experience and strengths. If they meet your criteria, do not hesitate to contact me.

My locum experience

Generalist law firms, boutique/family size

  • filling in while principal lawyer was away on holiday.

  • seasonal increased work loads.

Rare big litigation

  • temporary assignment to help under-resourced firms to run larger scale litigious matter.​

Other sole practitioners

  • working closely with other sole practitioners who lack relevant experience to tackle certain matters.

  • mutual sharing of knowledge and mentoring.

I also accept the following arrangements

Large scale discovery within top tier/mid tier firms

  • temporary and project-based review of documents and preparation for trial.

  • eDiscovery (I have about 3 years experience in eDiscovery)


Chinese clients

  • if you lack the language skills and need a Chinese speaking lawyer to communicate with your Chinese clients.

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