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Flexible Pricing

Because we are small, and we want to help

We are flexible in our pricing - we don't have price tags for our services. We understand everyone's circumstances are different.

Because our law firm is very small, we keep our overheads low. We rather empower one more customer to find happiness, than to buy a Mercedes-Benz for our own short term pleasure.

Value Based

Not Time*

No hidden costs, no nasty surprises

We cannot focus on getting you results if we are busy watching the clock and our billable hours. So we don't. 

* Value based price does not apply to dispute and litigation.

Fixed Fee

Fixed-Fee based on value we'll deliver

This is how it works:

  1. We discuss your case or matter with you to assess legal work and/or legal documentations that will bring you the results that you want.

  2. If your case and matter meet the selection criteria, we quote you a fixed fee based on value for our services.

  3. These matters are usually eligible for fixed fee arrangement: property conveyancing, sale and purchase of business, preparation of agreements, commercial, and some family law matters. 

  4. Dispute and court work are not eligible for fixed fee arrangement. However, we will do our best to give you an estimate of legal fees required by determining how many hours are needed to resolve the issues.

Time based

Only if uncertain

For dispute and litigation, because you too are uncertain how much time it will take

Where it is not possible to give you a fixed fee, we will charge an hourly rate as noted below. We will be reasonable - our senior lawyer won't do the photocopying or scanning. 

We will record the time we spend and generally charge according to the following rates:

  • Partner and senior lawyer - $400 plus GST

  • Lawyer - $300 plus GST

  • Paralegal - $200 plus GST

  • Clerk - $150 plus GST

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